Update Dec 10, 2016

By the request of Professor John Denero, we have changed certain lyrics. You can see the meme:


Update Nov 21, 2016

We have started a conversation with the EECS department to host a town hall to discuss the topic of inclusion and undergraduate student climate. PLEASE fill out this interest survey.

Update Oct 20, 2016

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October 18, 2016

From the Creators of

We originally created this website to parody a specific subculture within the EECS undergraduate community of our university. It is much to our dismay that (1) the ironic language we included in the original website was claimed (quite lamentably) by the aforementioned subculture to further its circlejerking, and that (2) the University fought to take the website down by using the excuse that by including its name we were infringing upon certain trademarks. We hope that this memo elucidates our original intent.

Too often have we overheard conversations around campus that, for hours on end, are about and solely about the perks and high salaries of jobs, bragging about internship offers, the prestige of being an EECS major (especially how it's "better" than all other majors), the endless and endless circlejerking. We are sick and tired of this. There is so much more to studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: discussions about so many great untapped theoretical and applied ideas to explore (as opposed to this widespread circlejerking), how to be more inclusive towards diversity (to this day, EECS is predominantly male, upper-middle-class, and white/Asian American), how to keep a check on each other from cheating in classes (there have been countless cases in recent semesters). So, to those who identify with the aforementioned EECS undergraduate subculture: please learn to think for yourself, be considerate of others, and do things for the sake of actual enjoyment. You have the power to change the culture around you.

We encourage you to spread this memo by sharing on social media and posting printed paper copies.

The Creators of

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